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Strategic Planning Core Team (SPCT)

Category: University

Year: 2016-2017

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Committee Charge

The integrated strategic planning process is designed to help the university implement its mission and chart a course for the future. Strategic planning that is aligned with the mission and drives the budget is essential and critical for continued growth and allows us to achieve our institutional priorities. The Strategic Planning Core Team (SPCT) provides oversight, coordination, and campus leadership for strategic planning that aligns budget, assessment and planning to focus on the campus priorities and goals. The Core Team will:

  • Ensure that the development and implementation of strategic planning and budgeting are transparent, inclusive and streamlined.
  • Recommend both annual and long-term institutional priorities including those priorities related to our Mission and UW System's Strategic Priorities.
  • Ensure that the budget is aligned with the mission
  • Monitor, review, and assess progress on the plan to secure the future of UW-Superior.
  • Communicate progress to the campus community.

Members include: Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, Dean of Faculties and Graduate Studies, Dean of Students, Institutional Effectiveness, as well as Faculty member (1), University Staff (1), Academic Staff (1), and Student (1); representatives recommended by the Senates.

The Provost will convene and chair the SPCT.

When expert knowledge is needed for particular agenda items, individuals with such expertise will be invited to report and participate in discussion.


Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: Jackie Weissenburger (Chair)
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance: Gigi Koenig
Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management: Christopher Tremblay
Dean of Faculties and Graduate Studies: Dean Yohnk
Dean of Students: Harry Anderson
Institutional Effectiveness: Emily Neumann
Faculty Member: Nick Danz (term ends 2017)
University Staff: Jim Rink (term ends June 30, 2019)
Academic Staff: Jenice Meyer (term ends June 30, 2017)
Student: Ben Damberg
Administrative Support: Amy Missinne