Strategic Planning Core Team (SPCT)

Category: University

Year: 2020-2021

Committee Charge

The Strategic Planning Core Team helps the university implement its mission, strive for its vision, and chart a course for the future.

To accomplish these goals, the Core Team:

  • Serves as the ambassador for current and future Strategic Plan
  • Communicates clearly and consistently the vision for the campus, and how the strategic plan is moving the University towards the vision
  • Advocates for funding to support the Strategic Plan to secure the future of UW-Superior
  • Provides continued monitoring and support of accreditation efforts
  • Monitors progress of the plan and adjust the tactical strategies, as needed, to meet these goals
  • Provides leadership for new Strategic Plans, ensuring integration of all on-going planning efforts

The Provost will convene and chair the SPCT. During the creation of the strategic plan, the SPCT will be co-chaired by the Provost and Dean of Students.

When expert knowledge is needed for particular agenda items, individuals with such expertise will be invited to report and participate in discussion.

Members include: Provost/Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Dead of Academic Affairs, Dean of Students, Senior Diversity Officer, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Executive Director of Admissions, Executive Director of Student Success, Director of Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs, Academic Staff (2; 1-instructional, 1-full time non-instructional), Faculty (2), University Staff (2), Student (2; 1-undergraduate, 1-graduate), Administrative Support (ex-officio). Representatives are recommended by the Faculty, University Staff, and Academic Staff Senates for three-year terms. During the creation of the strategic plan, the SPCT will expand to include the Chancellor, Director of Athletics, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, and Director of Strategic Communications and Special Assistant to the Chancellor.


Provost/Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (Co-Chair): Maria Cuzzo (Interim)

Dean of Students: (Co-Chair) Harry Anderson – Ethan Russom (Appointee)

Dean of Academic Affairs: Nick Danz

Senior Diversity Officer: Kat Werchouski

Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance: Jeff Kahler

Executive Director of Admissions: Jeremy Nere

Executive Director of Student Success: Mickey Fitch-Collins

Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO): Jenice Meyer

Director of Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs: Emily Neumann

Academic Staff (2; 1-instructional, 1-full time non-instructional): Stephanie Polkowski (instructional term ends June 30, 2021), Matt TenEyck (non-instructional term ends June 30, 2022)

Faculty (2): Eleni Pinnow (term ends June 30, 2021), Ethan Christensen (term ends June 30, 2021)

University Staff (2): DeLayna Herrick (term ends June 30, 2021), Jay Conley (term ends June 30, 2021­)

Student (2; 1-undergraduate, 1-graduate): Ines Benkhelfallah (undergraduate), [Open] (graduate)

Administrative Support (ex-officio): Laurel Eaton

Ad Hoc Chancellor’s Staff Members: Renée Wachter, Nick Bursik, Jordan Milan, and Jeanne Thompson