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Student Affairs Committee

Category: Student Senate

Year: 2019-2020

Committee Charge

The purposes of the committee shall be to review, develop, and recommend policy and guidelines regarding student life and services. This committee shall directly handle student concerns as determined by the President or directed by the Senate. This committee is also charged with keeping the Senate informed of all pertinent local, University system, State, or Federal legislation, and making recommendations based on said legislation.

This committee shall be accountable to the Senate, as representative of the students who have primary responsibility for student life, service and concerns. All of its actions shall be communicated to the Senate.

Students seeking an action from the senate should first bring their concerns to the Student Affairs Committee.


President Pro Tempore (chair): Zack Abt

SGA Senators, one of whom must be a Senator At-Large (5): [Open], [Open], [Open], [Open], [Open]

SGA President (ex-officio): Zack Abt

SGA Legislative Affairs Liaison (ex-officio): [Open]

Director of Student Life and Services (ex-officio): Harry Anderson