Student Financial Aid Review Board

Category: Student Senate

Year: 2011-2012

Committee Charge

The Student Financial Aids Committee reviews and recommends policy changes regarding the financial aid programs. Information is provided for all committee members so that policies may be revised for the benefit of the greatest number of financial aid recipients in the student body. Reports of the committee actions are approved by the Student Affairs Council and the Faculty Senate. An additional duty of the Student Financial Aids Committee is to act as an appeals body for students who wish to appeal the decisions of the Director of Financial Aids as regards the student's personal aid evaluation and awards.

The committee includes the Director of Financial Aids, who chairs the committee, at least three (2) other faculty members and at least three (3) student members, Director, Financial Aid (Convener).   Every effort will be made to include a minority student as one of the student members if one expresses interest to serve.


Faculty (2) Jay Johnson, Pope Wright

Students (3) Graham Garfield and Marshall Hansberry

Director, Financial Aid (Convener):