Student Judicial Committee

Category: Student Senate

Year: 2019-2020

Committee Charge

This committee is accountable to the SGA Senate and is charged with: 

  • Monitoring the functions of the Senate, ensuring functionality
  • Operate elections, maintaining fair election practices
  • Hear impeachment nominations and provide recommendations to the Senate
  • Maintain communication with the student body
  • Approve and regulate student organizations;


SGA Speaker of the Senate (chair): [Open]

SGA Student Judicial Clerk (ex-officio): except in the absence of the Speaker of the Senate, where they will chair. [Open]

Five SGA Senators (5): [Open], [Open], [Open], [Open], [Open]

Students-at-Large (2): appointed by the SGA president and confirmed by a majority vote of Senate. [Open], [Open]

SGA President (ex-officio): Zack Abt

SGA President Pro Tempore (ex-officio): [Open]