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Student Misconduct Appeals

Category: University

Year: 2015-2016

Committee Charge

Per UWS Chapter 14.09 and 17.13, when a student chooses to appeal the decision of the academic or nonacademic misconduct hearing committee to the chancellor, the chancellor may remand the matter for consideration by a different hearing committee.  The Student Misconduct Hearing Committee serves as that second hearing committee.  It will be called together by the Chancellor when needed and as instructed in UWS Chapters 14 and 17. This committee must consist of at least 3 persons including at least 1 student.  Members of the committee must be willing to be available to meet when needed. 

(Members of this committee cannot serve on the Academic Misconduct Hearing Committee or the Nonacademic Misconduct Hearing Committee and are required to be a part of training at the beginning of each semester.)


Members are selected as needed.

Chancellor (Convener): Renee Wachter
Chair (A Presiding Officer will be provided by the Dean of Students Office to lead this committee and to ensure UWS Chapter 14 and 17 procedures are followed.):
Faculty (3):
Academic Staff (3): Krisi Patterson, Toua Thao
Students (3):