Student Retention and Enrollment

Category: University

Year: 2011-2012

Committee Charge

This committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management.

The advisory committee shall review and suggest updates to the campus strategies for retention of students and assist campus constituencies with the implementation of these strategies. Review assessments related to retention strategies and suggest future analysis and/or data collection; and recommend new strategies to meet the identified needs brought forth through the assessment. The committee will support the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management in dissemination and training of best practices in retention to the campus community. The committee shall submit an annual report to the Provost for circulation among the Cabinet and to governance bodies. The committee elects its chair annually.

Members consist of three (3) faculty for three-year staggered terms, two (2) academic staff (preferred teaching staff but not required) for three-year staggered terms, two (2) students one-year term, the Director of Academic Advising, the Associate Dean of Continuing Education/Distance Learning, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, the Vice Chancellor for Campus Life and Dean of Students, the Director of Admissions, Director of First Year Experience, Director of Career Services and the Director of Institutional Research (ex officio).


Faculty (3) Monica Roth Day (Chair) (yr3), Suzanne Griffith (yr 2), Eric Edwards (yr 1)
Academic Staff (2) Reilly O'Halloran (year 1), Tom Notton (year 2, teaching)
Director of Academic Advising: Chris Cherry
Associate Dean of Continuing Education/Distance Learning: Peter Nordgren
Director of Admissions: Tonya Roth
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management: currently vacant
Vice Chancellor for Campus Life and Dean of Students: Vicki Hajewski
Director of First Year Experience: Jennifer Bird
Director of Career Services: Kathy Pykkonnen
Director of Institutional Research (ex officio): LeAnn Brown
Students (2); Jacob Lindberg, Ben Mooney