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Student Retention Committee

Category: University

Year: 2015-2016

Committee Charge

This Student Retention Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management (VCEM) with a focus on strategies that impact retention.

The advisory committee shall review and provide feedback on the campus strategies for retention of students and assist campus constituencies with the implementation of these strategies. The committee will provide support to the Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management in dissemination and training of best practices in retention to the campus community and serve as champions as initiatives are moved forward. The committee shall submit an annual report to the Provost for circulation among the Cabinet and to governance bodies.

Members consist of two (2) faculty for three-year staggered terms, Director of Advising and Career Services, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Distance Learning, Representative from Campus Life, Director of First Year Experience, Director of Institutional Research (ex officio), and Provost.

The committee shall elect its Chair. Agendas will be set by the VCEM and the Chair.


Faculty (2): Richard Stewart (2015-18), Michael Waxman (2014-17)

Director of Academic Advising and Career Services: Cortney Alexander

Director of Financial Aid: Donna Dahlvang

Director of Distance Learning: Karen Heikel

Representative from Campus Life: Emily Borra

Director of First Year Experience: Jennifer Bird

Director of Institutional Research (ex officio): Emily Neumann

Provost: Faith Hensrud