Student Services Advisory Committee

Category: Student Senate

Year: 2011-2012

Committee Charge

The Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC) is a satellite committee of the Student Government Association (SGA). The Committee shall provide recommendations to the SGA on matters pertaining to, but not limited to Student Health & Counseling services and student affairs related matters. The Council may review student affairs issues with the approval of the Student Body President or the University Student Senate (USS) to ensure the issues are within the jurisdiction of the committee. The SSAC shall also be charged with devising the process for and consequently recommending the student commencement speakers for Spring & Winter Commencement, subject to the approval of the USS.

The SSAC will be comprised of the Vice-Chancellor of Campus Life/Dean of Students (or his or her designee), two (2) faculty members, one (1) academic staff member, and four (4) students, excluding the Student Body Vice president, who shall convene and chair this committee. The SSAC will invite other campus staff on an as needed basis. This committee shall meet at least (3) times per semester.


VC of Campus Life/Dean of Students (or designee): 

Student Body Vice President (Convener):  Emily Borra

Faculty (2) - Cathy Fank, Lorena Rios Mendoza

Academic Staff (1) - Allison Gerland

Students (4) - Tooj Vang, Seungjin (Jim) Choi