Study Away Emergency Response Team (SAERT)

Category: University

Year: 2020-2021

Committee Charge

This is an ongoing group that meets whenever there is a Level 3 emergency for students/faculty on study abroad programs. This group ensures procedures and operations are followed surrounding oversight of study abroad-related emergencies. The Study Away Emergency Response Team is charged with: Responding to extreme crisis situations (Emergency Level 3) that may befall students and/or faculty while away; Making recommendations to the Chancellor regarding program safety concerns; Communicating safety and security information to the relevant parties; Enforcing the study abroad cancellation policy as outlined in the Policy Statement; Operating as needed for purposes of crisis management and student/faculty safety while the program and affected individuals are away.

In the event of a Level 3 Emergency, the Study Away Coordinator (or the first responder to the emergency) will convene the Study Away Emergency Response Team to act as needed. Not all members will necessarily respond to the emergency situation, and it will be decided, due to the nature of the emergency and the Chancellor's discretion, who is involved in responding and in what capacity. Workload will vary based on the nature of the emergency.


Study Away Coordinator (Convener): Anya Russom

Chancellor: Renée Wachter

Provost: Maria Cuzzo (Interim)

Dean of Students: Harry Anderson

Director, Campus Safety: Joseph Eickman (Interim)

Coordinator, Student Health and Counseling: Randy Barker

Director, Strategic Communications: Jordan Milan

Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance: Jeff Kahler

Faculty Senate Representative (as appointed by the Senate): Sergei Bezroukov (2020-21)

Individual(s) with local cultural knowledge/expertise (as deemed necessary by the SAERT)