Category: Faculty

Year: 2013-2014

Committee Charge


  1. Coordinator of Teacher Education (Committee Chairperson)
  2. All faculty from the Teacher Education program
  3. A faculty member from each of the content departments (chosen by the department)
  4. A representative from Distance Learning (appointed by Distance Learning Office)

Ex Officio Members:

  1. Chair of Educational Leadership
  2. Certification Officer
  3. Teacher Education Advisors
  4. Student Teaching Director
  5. Teacher Education Program Recruiter and Advisor

Functions of the TEAC:

  1. Coordinate all curriculum and instructional matters related to DPI accreditation
  2. Coordinate the accreditation process for content department
  3. Coordinate the portfolio development and assessment process
  4. Coordinate the program application process
  5. Plan, develop, and implement the teacher education program assessment and continuous improvement process
  6. Plan initiatives to address the college mission and vision in relation to the teacher education program
  7. Establish ad hoc task groups
  8. Propose agenda items for the Educational Leadership department meetings
  9. Advise the Educational Leadership Department on matters related to teacher certification programs.
  10. Any curricular change proposed by a department that has an impact on teacher education licensure programs shall be presented to the Teacher Education Committee for input before being considered by the appropriate department and Academic Affairs.
  11. Coordinate diversity initiatives.

The Teacher Education Committee will meet a minimum of once each month to address tasks associated with the committee's responsibilities.


Appointed by Academic Departments