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Teacher Education Advisory Committee (TEAC)

Category: Faculty

Year: 2017-2018

Committee Charge

Functions of the TEAC:

  1. Work on the Continuous Review Process
    1. Discussion of what information and data is needed
    2. Discussion of ways to collect data            
    3. Preparation of data
    4. Analysis of data
  2. Discussion of edTPA and other required assessments
    1. Learning about the role each program has in preparing students
    2. Review of materials and manuals
  3. Updates on curricular changes and growth and state requirements
    1. Portfolios
    2. Assessment
  4. Advise the TED Program on related issues as they arise
    1. Suggest agenda items
    2. Request assistance with liaison issues in the home department


  1. Educator Preparation Program Coordinator (Committee Chairperson):  Mary Churchill
  2. All faculty/academic instructional staff from the Teacher Education program within the Educational Leadership Department:  Amy Carpenter, Tanzeem Ali, Bhesh Mainali, Mary Lee-Nichols, Matt Ridenour, Nicole Schuelke, Amanda Zbacnik
  3. A faculty member from each of the content departments (chosen by the department): Shannon Cousino, Glenn Carlson, Lois Guderian, Wendy Kropid
  4. Certification Officer:  Mike Buncher
  5. Teacher Education Advisors:  Sharyn Boothe
  6. Field Experience Coordinator:  Amy Flaig
  7. Teacher Education Program Recruiter:  Taylor Walkky