Travel Advisory Committee

Category: University

Year: 2020-2021

Committee Charge

This is an ongoing group that meets whenever a new faculty-led study abroad program is developed. This group ensures and supports procedure surrounding approval and oversight of faculty-led study abroad programs. The Travel Advisory Committee is charged with: Reviewing and approving faculty-led programs both new and re-occurring; Evaluating the safety and security of all faculty-led study abroad programs and University-sponsored travel by UWS faculty and students; Communicating safety and security information to the relevant parties; Enforcing the study abroad cancellation policy as outlined in this Policy Statement; Making recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and Provost regarding program safety concerns prior to trip approval; Operating as needed for purposes of determining safety and security until the program and its participants have left UW-Superior.

The Study Away Coordinator, after assisting faculty with the application for their program, leads and convenes the group as needed. A faculty member, chosen by Faculty Senate, is also involved in order to provide additional perspective on what makes a strong program. This faculty member should have prior experience with leading study abroad programs. The members of Administration will offer their notes on the quality of the application, offer suggestions on how to improve the strength of the program, and will vet and approve programs that are new and re-occurring. Estimated workload varies based on the number of active programs, but time spent reviewing one program should not exceed a single one-hour meeting.


Study Away Coordinator (Convener): Anya Russom

Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance: Jeff Kahler

Provost or Designee: Maria Cuzzo (Interim)

Dean of Students: Harry Anderson

Dean of Academic Affairs: Nick Danz

Faculty Senate Representative (as appointed by the Senate): William Bajjali (2020-21)