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Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council (UAAC)

Category: Faculty

Year: 2016-2017

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Committee Charge

The purposes of the UAAC shall be to review, develop, and recommend policy and guidelines regarding curriculum and approve or disapprove requests for new course, course revisions, new programs, program revisions, major and sub-major academic programs, minors, concentrations, specializations, and other academic policies, e.g., admissions standards, academic calendar, academic reinstatement, decisions on academic credits, class size, grading, issues related to attendance, student concerns related to curriculum and instruction and other responsibilities as directed by the Faculty Senate.

The objective of the council shall be:

  1. To review, develop, and recommend new and/or modified curriculum policies.
  2. To serve as an academic forum to consider and act upon proposals for credit-producing learning experiences as well as major and sub-major academic programs and specializations.
  3. To ascertain if the proposal is in accordance with the Institutional Mission Statement, priorities, and policies of the University.
  4. To ascertain if the proposal will fulfill a justifiable need.
  5. To ascertain if the proposal has realistic, consistent and measurable objectives, and appropriate evaluation procedures.
  6. To ascertain if the title and catalog description is descriptive of the content and objectives of the proposal.
  7. To ascertain if the proposal results in unnecessary overlap or duplication with existing offerings.
  8. To ascertain if the proposal is desirable from an instructional viewpoint relative to quality and its relationship to other offerings.
  9. When appropriate, to ascertain whether a proposed course fulfills the requirements for inclusion in a specific category of the curriculum. vTo encourage multicultural and trans-disciplinary approaches to curriculum and instructional growth.
  10. To promote academic excellence and educational opportunity and encourage the use of appropriate standards throughout the curriculum.

For further information refer to the Faculty Senate Bylaws.


The members of the Council shall consist of faculty, academic staff, and students:

  1. Each academic department with and undergraduate program will be represented by one member. The Council shall elect a chair from among its members. The Council Chair serves as an ex officio member of the Executive Committee.
  2. The Academic Staff Council shall be invited to appoint two (2) non-voting members of the Academic Staff.
  3. The Student Government shall be invited to appoint two (2) non-voting student members.
  4. The Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the Dean of Faculties Academic Affairs, the Registrar, and the Director of Undergraduate Advisement shall be non-voting, ex officio members.

The Terms of office shall be as follows:

  1. The length of term of faculty members shall be three year terms. Initial terms shall be staggered by lottery.
  2. The length of term of student Council members shall be at the discretion of the Student Senate.
  3. The length of term of academic staff members shall be at the discretion of the Academic Staff Council.


Kay Biga, (Business and Economics, 2015-2017) (open)

Mary Churchill, (Education Leadership, 2015-2018)

Tim Cleary, (Visual Arts, 2013-2016) (open)

Wendy Kropid, (WLLC, 2016-2018)

James Geidner, (HHP, 2015-2018)

Maureen Rappley-Larson, (HBJD, 2015-2018)

Peter Cook, (Natural Sciences, 2016) (open)

Richard Robbins, (Music, 2015-2018)

Jamie White-Farnham, (Writing and Library Science, 2015-2018)

Priscilla Starratt, (Social Inquiry, 2014-2017) (open)

Shin-Ping Tucker, (Math and Computer Science, 2014-2015) (open)

Chad Vollrath, (Communicating Arts, 2015-2018)

Open - Academic Staff Council

Open - Student Government

Jacki Weissenburger, (Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, ex officio)

Dean Yohnk, (Dean of Academic Affairs, ex officio)

Jeff Kirschling, (Registrar, ex officio)

Cortney Alexander, (Director of Undergraduate Advisement, ex officio)