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Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council

Category: Faculty

Year: 2015-2016

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Kay Biga (Business and Economics, 2015-17)

Mary Churchill (Educational Leadership, 2015-18)

Tim Cleary (Visual Arts, 2013-16)

Virginia Donovan (WLLC, 2013-16)

James Geidner (HHP, 2015-18)

Maureen Rappley-Larson (HBJD, 2015-18)

Lorena Rios Mendoza (Natural Sciences, 2012-15)

Richard Robbins (Music, 2015-18)

Yvonne Rutford (Writing and Library Science, 2012-15)

Priscilla Starratt (Social Inquiry, 2014-17)

Shin-Ping Tucker (Math and Computer Science, 2014-15)

Chad Vollrath (Communicating Arts, 2015-18)