University Technology Committee

Category: University

Year: 2012-2013

Committee Charge

The University Technology Committee advises the IITS Management Team activities and strategies to be used in implementing the campus Information Technology plan. This advice includes recommendations on new software and technologies as well as recommendations on various technology usage policies and procedures.

The previous Student Technology Fee committee will be a subcommittee of this committee. Includes four (4) faculty, three (3) academic staff, one (1) classified staff, one (1) WSEU representative (3) students, and the Chief Information Officer (Convener).


 Faculty (4) - Norma Stevlingson,  Mei Cao, Ralph Seelke, Randy Gabrys-Alexson

Academic Staff (3) - Diane Douglas, Tom Tu, Tom Wilkowske

Classified Staff (1) - Jay Conley, Kathy O'Flanagan

Students (3) Shannon McEvoy

Chief Information Officer (Convener)