University Technology Committee

Category: University

Year: 2019-2020

Committee Charge

The University Technology Committee advises the Campus CIO on strategies to be used to execute the Information Technology mission and vision. This advice includes recommendations on new hardware and software technologies as well as recommendations and feedback on new and existing technology policies and procedures.

Additionally, the committee is charged with vetting and making award recommendations to the CIO for the annual Student Technology Fee and Classroom/Lab Modernization funding requests.


Faculty (3): Daniel Lawerence (2019-2020); Shawn Lynch (2019-2020); Michael Maguire (2019-2020)

Academic Staff (2): Rebecca Graetz (2019-2020); Scott Minor Smith (2019-2020)

University Staff (2): Kathy O’Flanagan, Debra Provost

Students (3): [Open], [Open], [Open]

Chief Information Officer (Convener): Tom Janicki

Ad Hoc Member: James Conley