Writing Across the Curriculum

Category: Faculty

Year: 2013-2014

Committee Charge

The advisory committee is composed of four members of the faculty and two members of the teaching academic staff, representing the broad areas of Business/Math/Computer Science, Letters & Science, Fine Arts, and Education. This group (1) advises the WAC Coordinator; (2) reviews proposals as WAC initiative continues to develop and recommends approval or revision; and (3) assists WAC Coordinator with development of ongoing program assessment, reviewing assessment data, and recommending revisions as needed.


Faculty (4, 3-yr terms) - Kurt Schmude (2011-14),  Sarah LaChance-Adams (2012-15), Sakib Mahmud (2013-16), Carol Hulce (2013-16)

Academic Staff (2) - Elizabeth Grbavcich, Beth Austin

Students (1)