Yellowjacket Union Advisory Board

Category: Student Senate

Year: 2013-2014

Committee Charge

The YellowJacket Union Board serves as a policy board regarding matters pertaining to use of the Yellowjacket Union, contractual services, program development, building improvements, marketing, etc.

The Board is composed of one (1) faculty member, one (1)  academic staff member, and six (6) UW-Superior students and the Yellowjacket Union Director.  The Student Senate Vice President chairs this committee.


Faculty (1) - Randy Gabrys-Alexson

Academic Staff (1) -  Jordan Appicelli

Director, Yellowjacket Union: Gail Archambault

Students (6) :

SGA Vice President (Chair/Convener):  Graham Garfield

SGA Appointees (3):  Bryce Harp, Elliot Charette, Theodore Mattila

RHA Appointee (1):

YAC Appointee (1):  Jess Burns