Office of the Provost

As Wisconsin's leading public liberal arts college, UW-Superior takes pride in providing our 2,488 undergraduate and graduate students with quality, academic programs and a friendly, supportive atmosphere

A solid, liberal arts program offers the skills and knowledge needed to perform on the job and in society. 

Quality, professional training provides specific skills to succeed in teaching, business, science, the arts, and in a host of other endeavors. 

We accomplish this by focusing on our strengths: 

  • A highly, accountable academic experience in an intimate setting with first-rate faculty in first-class facilities 
  • An emphasis on active learning 
  • A supportive environment

As part of the University of Wisconsin System, UW-Superior advances the Growth Agenda for Wisconsin.

As an institution, we are focused on liberal education, advancing a set of learning outcomes essential for success in today's world, and show this through our membership of 

and partners in the Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP) program.