Office of the Provost

Welcome to UW-Superior, a very special place for learning and growing.

UW-Superior is a small university with a large curricular and co-curricular footprint. Drawing on a rich history of broad-based foundational education, we offer undergraduate and graduate majors that are rooted in our country’s liberal arts tradition and firmly focused on applying knowledge to practice.

We will prepare you to be independent thinkers and learners who have deep knowledge subjects and can apply this knowledge to improve your own lives and that of your communities. You will develop through high-quality programs in and outside the classroom.  We offer a friendly, supportive, and nurturing learning environment in which every individual has the potential to thrive. 

  • A strong Core Curriculum and University Studies program, required of all students, provides you with an opportunity to develop foundational skills and the knowledge needed to succeed in your careers. 
  • Majors and minors provide deep knowledge of subjects and immerse you, through internships, research projects, study away, and other opportunities, to apply your knowledge to problem solving and real-life issues.  
  • Capstone projects provide culminating experiences which allow you to integrate your learning experience and showcase your growth through foundational and major courses.

Majors that develop your ability to connect disciplines and prepare you broadly for careers in law, medicine, and a host of other fields, include English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and World Languages.

Disciplines which focus on professional training in specific careers include teaching, business, the sciences, and the arts.

Engaged faculty and staff, State-of-the-art facilities, and an active and supportive learning environment define our community’s commitment to you.  Your success, while you are here, when you begin your careers upon graduation, when you seek advancement in your careers 20, 30 or 40 years from now, and as you take on leadership roles in your communities beyond your work lives, drives our commitment to you.

You are why we are here as educators and you are why we are members of the following national organizations focused on student success:

Join our community of educators and learners for a learning experience focused on you!  I look forward to connecting with each of you soon.