Superior Innovation Initiative (Attract and Retain Students and Increase Revenue)

All faculty and staff were encouraged to attend The Superior Innovation Initiative (Attract and Retain Students and Increase Revenue) during Welcome Week on August 28th, 2015 to learn about the incentive program where funding will be made available to promote innovative ideas and programs that will attract new students and improve retention and graduation rates of our current students.

All Campus Open Meeting - August 28, 2015
Request for Proposals

During an exercise at the August 28th innovation open meeting, attendees were invited to share creative ideas and have conversations to ignite, invite, and explore innovation! The open community bulletin board displayed a variety of intriguing ideas that fostered great discussions.

List of Innovative Ideas

Superior Innovation Proposals - Phase 2

A total of 34 proposals were received by the October 1st deadline. Of that number 11 were focused on the Big "I" Innovation Initiative, 22 were focused on the Small "I" Innovation Initiative, and 1 requested no funding. The Superior Innovation Selection Committee reviewed proposals and announced the following have advanced to phase 2: 

Big "I" Innovation: The Big Pitch (November 6th from 11:00-1:00 in YU Great Room; open to campus)

Business Administration/Management Professional Degree Completion Program
Hospitality Initiative
Residential Living Communities
Strengthening Pre-Health focus through recruitment expansion and program development for successful medical/graduate school matriculation
Campus Recreation Youth Summer Camps
Mathematics Summer Bridge Program

Small "I" Innovation: Questions and Answers with the Selection Committee (November 6th from 8:00-10:00; not open to campus)

Establishment of an Environmental Sciences/Studies Degree Program
Human Factors Certificate Program
LGBTQ-Friendly Campus
Career Preparation in Music
Pre-Engineering Associate's Degree
Living, Learning & Leadership
Building Perseverance, Resilience, and Success
Professors in the Community
Neuroscience Program
Theatre Administration

Implementation Phase 

After phase 2, the Innovation Review Team deliberated and submitted their recommendations to Chancellor Wachter for her consideration. The funded proposals address the retention of current students and the recruitment of new students and are tightly linked to the strategic plan. We are pleased to announce that the following proposals will receive funding.

Big Innovation Proposals

  • Title: Amount (Project Submission Lead)
  • Campus Recreation Youth Summer Camps:  $21,225 (Nathan Field)
  • Strengthening Pre-Health Focus:  $15,200 (Michael Waxman)
  • Business Administration/Management Professional Degree Completion Program:  $23,0000 (Rick Moran)
  • Residential Living Communities:  $37,923 (Emily Borra)

Small Innovation Proposals

  • Career Preparation in Music:  $6,000 (Brett Jones)
  • Neuroscience Program:  $4,000 (Michelle Arnhold Davies / Eleni Pinnow)
  • Pre-Engineering Associate Degree:  $5,640 (Peter Cook)
  • Building Perseverance, Resilience, and Success:  $5,000 (Tammy Fanning)
  • Environmental Science/Studies Degree:  $9,000 (Deborah Augsburger / Mary Balcer)
  • Professors in the Community:  $9,000 (Robert Strand)
  • Living, Learning, and Leadership:  $5,000 (Jen Bird)
  • LGBTQ-friendly Campus:  $7,500 (Daniela Mansbach / Tammy Fanning)
  • Theatre Administration:  $1,700 (Cathy Fank)

Funds that were not allocated during this process are being held in reserve. Since the University has committed to the proposals listed here, the first priority is to ensure that these proposals are successful in their implementation. There may be hidden costs that were not anticipated during the process of proposal development. In the event that funds remain once these proposals are solidly underway and all costs have been accounted for, another proposal round could be funded.

WiSys Technology Foundation

UW-Superior's WiSys Student Ambassador: Randy Bender (2015-16 academic year)