Corporate Team Building

Our corporate workshops are ideal for corporations seeking to improve critical thinking abilities, enhance communication, build trust, improve teamwork, enhance leadership, and develop synergy.  We offer experiential-based programming for groups of all sizes, ages, and ability levels.  Each program is customize tailored to each group to provide the most beneficial experience possible.

Corporate groups can choose from three types of program options at the Superior Challenge Ropes Course. 

The first option utilizes the low elements and initiatives at the Challenge course.  Participants traverse across several low elements and complete a variety of activities that emphasize teamwork, communication, and developing strategies.  This is ideal for groups who desire to improve group cohesiveness, cultivate trust, and develop synergy. 

The second option utilizes the high elements at the Challenge Course.  Group members work in pairs or triads as they strategize how to complete each element.  Participants break down personal barriers by facing a variety of high elements that are physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging.  Groups who choose the high course program develop trust, form specials bonds with each other, and enhance their communication abilities. 

The third option at the Challenge Course involves a full day in which your corporation will use the high and low elements, as well as a variety of initiatives.  This program option is the most beneficial because it combines the strengths from the two other programs and allows for more time for your group to grow.

If you cannot come to our Challenge Course, we can bring a workshop to you.  In this program option, our trained staff come to your corporation and provide a custom designed workshop.  The workshops incorporate similar activities as the low course and can be tailored to meet any goal that you may have for your corporation. 

As participants learn to rely on one another in an exciting adventure context, you will see a sense of camaraderie develop between your team members. You will notice the energy of the group will transform from a focus on individual success to reaching the goals of the group.

To schedule your corporation or for more information, please contact the Campus Recreation office at 715-395-4647 or 

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success - Henry Ford