High and Low Courses

High and Low Courses

Our Challenge Course is made up of 23 elements that contain both high and low  initiatives.

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Floating Islands

Participants proceed through the element by stepping on "islands" either in a straight line or by using the "islands" located to either side of them.  This element is designed for multiple people to cross at the same time and is an excellent way to build trust, group cohesion, and improve communication skills.

Multi-vine Traverse

Using only the hanging "vines", participants must traverse the element on a foot cable.  This element is great for an individual or partnership challenge and is ideal for building trust and improving communication between 2 people.

Flying Squirrel

A participant in a full body harness is attached to one of a rope and a group of 8+ people are attached to the other end of the rope (the center of the rope is connected to a pulley system 30 ft above the participants). The participant and the group run in opposite directions and the participant simulates a "flying squirrel" by being hoisted into their air.  The element breaks down fears and improves teamwork by working together and trusting/supporting each other.

Giants Ladder

Two participants work together to climb rungs that are increasingly spaced apart of a free hanging "giant ladder."  Group members improve critical thinking skills, develop trust, and enhance communication as the work together to figure out how to climb the "giant ladder."

Mohawk Walk

The goal of this element is for participants to traverse across the length of several cables as a group.  Participants gain patience, enhance communication skills, and improve critical thinking skills by working as a group and utilizing each other's strengths.


Nitro Crossing

Nitro Slide

Participants must glide over a "canyon" via a "trolley" which is connected to a cable above them.  Participants must work together and strategize how to get the entire group across the "canyon" since only a few people may ride the "trolley" at one time.


Spider's Web

Wild Woozy


Participants traverse across a series of posts using boards varying in length.  Groups gain critical thinking skills and improve communication by working together and problem solving how to navigate from one end of the element to the other.