Campus Wellness

Yoga at Your Desk

Take a few minutes to refresh, right at your desk.

Before beginning this online yoga class make sure you complete the following:

  • Make sure you have seven minutes that will be free from distraction.
  • Turn your computer speakers on.
  • If you can, Turn down the lights.
  • Sit in your chair a few feet away from your desk.
  • Close your eyes, take a few relaxing breaths, open your eyes, and then hit play.

Want more way's to relax or bee active? Check out our Group Fitness Classes.

Yoga at Your Desk
Trying out new techniques for Yoga with Kathryn


We also holds a variety of Wellness programs and events throughout the year. Check out the Healthy Cooking Demonstrations that are offered twice a semester. Campus Recreation partners with Chartwells Food Service to offer cooking demonstrations of healthy, tasty, and inexpensive food ideas! We also offer programs during the year with topics range from how to live a heart healthy lifestyle to appropriate portion control.

Make sure to keep an eye on Campus Recreation's News and Events for upcoming programs.

Have an idea or suggestion for a program or seminar? Let us know. It's our goal to help you Bee Fit!

Campus Recreation Programs in the Wellness Center

Campus Wellness Programs