Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Trainers are available to students and MWC members who are seeking one-on-one motivation, an orientation to our equipment, a fitness assessment or a personalized program with your goals in mind.

The fitness center and weight room feature a wide range of Cybex fitness machines. They are located just inside the main entrance of the Marcovich Wellness Center. The weight room features a wide range of Cybex weight machines and free weights. It is located just inside the main entrance to the Marcovich Wellness Center.

Orientation Program

  • FREE of charge to all MWC members or interested members!
  • Come during the designated times or sign up for an individual orientation with a Personal Trainer.
  • Walk through the building and find out everything the MWC has to offer to you!

Fitness Assessments

  • $15 for assessment/$25 for assessment plus we will help you with program development.
  • Assesses Body Composition, Flexibility, Cardio, and Strength.
  • The first step is to fill out and hand in a Fitness Assessment Packet. Packets are available at the MWC Welcome Desk.
  • A Personal Trainer will then contact you.
  • Payment is due upon first meeting with your Personal Trainer.

Program DevelopmentBuzz Lifting Weights

Our personal trainers can design a fitness program to help you meet your personal goals. Whether it's losing weight or training for a marathon, our personal trainers can help. A fitness is assessment required prior to Program Development. Our personal trainers  will help ensure that you are exercising properly and answer any questions you may have. Sessions must be used within one year of the initial purchase and are non-transferable.  

  • Individual Sessions
    • 1 Session $20
    • 5 Sessions $75
    • 10 Sessions $120
  • Partner Sessions
    • 1 Session $30 
    • 5 Sessions $115 
    • 10 Sessions $180