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Offering team sports and individual events, participants vie for the coveted Intramural Champion t-shirt. Organize your own team or put yourself on the Intramural Free Agent list. Intramural Activities determines the brackets, tracks the team records and organizes the tournaments. We offer a variety of sports for all seasons.  Each semester is divided into two blocks.  Each block is approximately six weeks. Four weeks of league play and one or two weeks of tournament play.


Intramural Registration

Registration must be completed online through recstore.uwsuper.edu.  Registration is limited on a first come, first serve basis, for league nights and times.

Registration Process 

2015-16 Fall Semester Intramural Sports Schedule

Block 1:

Sunday, September 6th: Intramural Weekend (Sand Volleyball/ Bean Bag Toss)

Tuesday, September 22nd: Ping Pong

Tuesday, September 29th: 3v3 Basketball

Thursday, October 8th: Home Run Derby

Friday, October 16th – Saturday, October 17th: 3rd Annual Yellowjacket Classic Racquetball

Tuesday, October 27th: Badminton

Thursday, October 29th: Matball


September 20th – October 15th: Block 1 Regular Season

Outdoor Flag Football (Sundays): Men’s

Soccer (Sundays): Men’s & Coed

Volleyball (Mondays): Coed Advanced & Recreation

Outdoor Flag Football (Tuesdays): Coed Advanced & Recreation

Bag Toss (Wednesdays): Open Doubles

Softball (Thursdays): Open

October 18th – October 29th: Block 1 Playoffs

Block 2:


Wednesday, November 11th – Tennis

Wednesday, November 18th – Pool

Monday, November 23rd – 3 Point Shootout

Wednesday, December 2nd – Ping Pong

Monday, December 7th – Foosball


November 8th – December 10th: Block 2 Regular Season

Floor Hockey (Sundays): Open

Basketball (Mondays): Coed Advanced & Recreation

Basketball (Tuesdays): Men’s Advanced & Recreation

Futsal (Wednesdays): Open

Kickball (Thursdays): Open

Dodgeball (Thursdays): Men’s & Women’s

December 6th – 10th: Block 2 Playoffs




Intramural Programming is sponsored by:  Domino's Pizza Website (715) 394-7777

Free Agents

Students interested in playing Intramural Sports, but without a team should register as free agent on IMLeagues

You can list yourself as a free agent in as many divisions within a league as you'd like. First create yourself an IMLeagues account and then visit the page of the sport you'd like to play and click on "Join as Free Agent".

You will be visible to all members of the site and can request to join teams, or post information about yourself so teams can request to add you to their team.

Signing up as a free agent does not guarantee you a spot on an Intramural Team.

Become an Official

The Intramural Department is seeking enthusiastic and reliable individuals that are willing to learn to officiate Intramural Sports. No previous officiating experience is required, although experienced and certified officials are encouraged to apply. Officials will be trained by Campus Recreation staff and may have additional officiating opportunities.          

Students need to demonstrate reasonable knowledge, skill of the sport, dedication to the sport, and express consideration toward all participants.  

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply the first week of the semester, but applications are accepted throughout the year. 

The week prior to the beginning of the season, a clinic and rule discussion is held. Attendance is mandatory. Officials are paid for the clinics. All officials are paid for officiating. 

2015-16 Fall Semester Officials Trainings

Block 1:

September 13th – 17th
Sunday, September 13th – Football: 2430 and Football Field (8-11pm)
Monday, September 14th – Soccer: 2430 and Football Field (8-11pm)
Tuesday, September 15th – Softball: 2430 and Football Field (8-11pm)
Wednesday, September 16th – Volleyball: 2430 and Gymnasium (8-11pm)
Thursday, September 17th – IM Team Builder w/ Nate Field (8-11pm)

Block 2:

November 1st – 5th
Sunday, November 1st – Floor Hockey: 2430 and Fieldhouse (8-11pm)
Monday, November 2nd – Basketball: 2430 and Gymnasium (8-11pm)
Tuesday, November 3rd – Kickball & Dodgeball: 2430 and Fieldhouse (8-11pm)
Wednesday, November 4th – Basketball: 2430 and Gymnasium (8-11pm)
Thursday, November 5th – Futsal: 2430 and Fieldhouse (8-11pm)

Team Captains

Team Captains serve as the liaison between their team and the Intramural Staff.  

Team Captains responsibilities include:

  • Pay the team entry fees.
  • Attend all meetings pertaining to his/her team's activity.
  • Submit the appropriate team roster.
  • Make roster changes and additions when necessary according to the eligibility rules.
  • Notify team members of date, place, and time of contest or schedule changes.
  • Relay all information to all team players, fans, coaches, etc. from the intramural handbook and all other information that was given at the captains meeting.
  • Be knowledgeable of all playing rules governing the sport in which they are participating. 
  • Be knowledgeable of all eligibility rules and department policies.
  • Managers/Captains must read and understand and abide by the Campus Recreation Intramural Participant Handbook. 
  • Display good sportsmanship. 
  • Team captains are held responsible for the actions of teams, specific players and/or spectators. 

Understanding and adhering to these guidelines will facilitate and allow a team's participation in Intramurals at UW-Superior.

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