Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs

Interested in joining a club sport? Want to develop your skills in a specific sport or activity?

The UW-Superior Sport Clubs Program offers sport activities and extramural competition for all interested students and members of the campus community.

Through the Sport Clubs Program, students participate in a wide variety of physical and athletic activities, contributing to the development of student leadership.

Student-formed, developed and led, Sport Clubs work with the Sport Clubs Coordinator to promote student leadership and involvement at UW-Superior and in athletics.

Current Sport Clubs

Competitive Marksman Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Steven Thell sthell1{atuws}
Purpose:To provide students with the opportunity to competitively participate in a club sport against other intercollegiate individuals and teams, to enhance the student experience for those involved, and develop social, mental, and leadership skills.
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Figure Skating Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Dr. Deborah Schlacks dschlack{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Tabitha Brower tbrower{atuws}
Purpose:To help new and old skaters practice their skills on ice. Experienced skaters will be able to continue and practice their skills but also help inexperienced skaters learn the basics.
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Men's Club Baseball

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Shaun Marshall smarsha2{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Brian Tracey btracey{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:clubbaseball clubbaseball{atuws}
Purpose:Providing an educational experience, with the aim to instill in players the elements of fairness, teamwork, self-control, courtesy and respect.
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Men's Club Hockey Team

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Jesse Polson jpolson1{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Justin Ruedebush jruedebu{atuws}
Purpose:Club hockey provides an opportunity for students to continue playing competitive hockey without the rigorous commitment required in the NCAA.
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MMA and Self-Defense Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Gelu Septimu Bolba gbolba{atuws}
Purpose:Train and develop MMA and self-defense skills.
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Soccer Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Mr. Ephraim Kotey Nikoi enikoi{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Terry Botsio mbotsio{atuws}
Purpose:To provide students with an opportunity to be involved in an organized soccer program and still enjoy social interaction with peers of differing cultures.
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Tennis Club

Categories:Club Sports, Recreational
Advisor:Ms. Kristine Patterson kpatter1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Sylvester Coker-Gibbs dcokergi{atuws}
Purpose:To enjoy the game of the game of tennis and assist beginners in learning the rules of the game.
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Women's Lacrosse Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Ms. Kristine Patterson kpatter1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Aimee Toland atoldand3{atuws}
Purpose:To teach and support competitive play in women's lacrosse. The team travels and competes in local and regional tournaments and events.
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Womens Club Volleyball

Categories:Club Sports, Recreational
Advisor:Ms. Kristine Patterson kpatter1{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Molly Regan mregan1{atuws}
Purpose:We are a competitive volleyball team that plays in the badger region conference traveling to other UW schools to participate in tournaments.
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