Sport Clubs

Interested in joining a club sport? Want to develop your skills in a specific sport or activity?

The UW-Superior Sport Clubs Program offers sport activities and extramural competition for all interested students and members of the campus community.

Through the Sport Clubs Program, students participate in a wide variety of physical and athletic activities, contributing to the development of student leadership.

Student-formed, developed and led, Sport Clubs work with the Sport Clubs Coordinator to promote student leadership and involvement at UW-Superior and in athletics.

Current Sport Clubs

Cheer and Dance Club (Cheer)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Allison Garver agarver{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Elissa Terkoski eterkosk{atuws}
Purpose:Promote school spirit and university pride; support UWS athletics by performing at home games and promoting positive crowd involvement; develop safe, responsible cheerleading skills as a team.
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Men's Club Baseball (Club Baseball)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Brian Tracey btracey{atuws}
Purpose:This organization promotes having fun, being successful, and learning.
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Men's Club Hockey (UWSCH)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Matthew Brenno jruedebu{atuws}
Secondary Student Contact:Men's Club Hockey clubhockey{atuws}
Purpose:This organization competes at a high level of hockey while getting an education. Hockey without NCAA commitment.
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UW-Superior Marksman Club (SMC)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Jarod Meyer jmeyer49{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Steven Thell sthell1{atuws}
Purpose:This organization provides students with the opportunity to competitively participate in a club sport against other intercollegiate individuals and teams, to enhance the student experience for those involved, and develop social, mental, and leadership skills.
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UWS Figure Skating Club (UWSFSC)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Laurel Eaton leaton{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Brittany MacDonell bmacdon1{atuws}
Purpose:This organization helps new and old skaters practice their skills on the ice and provide the opportunity for skaters to grow and learn.
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UWS Soccer Club (UWS-SOCC)

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Mr. Ephraim Kotey Nikoi enikoi{atuws}
Primary Student Contact:Matthew Terry Botsio mbotsio{atuws}
Purpose:This organization provides students an opportunity to be involved in an organized soccer program and enjoy social interaction with peers of different cultures. Get to know students and faculty and their culture, all in the name of the beautiful game, soccer.
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