FERPA Training Test
"Education records" include only those records contained in a student's permanent hard-copy file?

Faculty have the right to inspect and review the education records of any student?

Admissions records are not "education records" and therefore not covered under FERPA?

Which of the following is not identified as directory information in UW-Superior's Student Data Privacy Policy SP1201?

FERPA rights:

Which of the following is not a student's right under FERPA?

An advisor writes a negative statement about an advisee and places the written statement in the hard-copy advisee file that only the advisor has access to. The student is assigned a new advisee, so the old advisor sends his entire advisee file to the new advisor. The student submits a request to view his education record.
Should the negative note from the original advisor be something the student finds in his education record?

A parent phones a faculty member teaching one of the courses her daughter is enrolled in. The parent has not heard from her daughter for a couple of weeks and just wants to know if the student is attending class.
Should the faculty tell the parent that the daughter has been regularly attending class?

Prior to the final grade submission deadline, a faculty member comes to the Registrar's office and asks staff if he can be provided with unofficial transcripts for a student in his class. When asked why the faculty member is making this request, he replies he wants to get a "feel" for which grades were assigned to these student in the past.
Should the faculty member be given copies of unofficial transcripts for this student?

A student majoring in criminal justice has applied for a federal position as a border patrol. The student has not submitted a Restriction form to the Registrar's office. A federal agent comes to your office, shows his federal badge and requests to know if the student is currently attending UW-Superior.
You have PeopleSoft access to find and provide this answer to the federal agent, is it permissible to do so under FERPA?

Same situation as above.
The federal agent also asks if the student is male or female (he can't tell from the name he was given), should you provide this answer?