Withdraw from Fall or Spring Semester Form

Please contact the Registrar's Office with questions about withdrawing. 

Please understand there are possible consequences that you may experience by your withdrawal:

  • We highly recommend you speak with your academic advisor to decide if withdrawing from all of your classes for the Fall or Spring semester is the appropriate action for you.  Also, discuss your plans to return to finish your degree.
  • If you withdraw during the first 10 days of classes (or pro-rated census date for short session classes), your dropped classes will not appear on your transcript but a $50 withdrawal fee will be assessed to your university account.
  • If you withdraw after the 10th day of classes (or pro-rated census date for short session classes), your withdrawal will result in “W” drop grades posted to each of your active classes for the term. 
  • If you are in receipt of financial aid (grant, loans, etc.) and have not yet completed at least 60% of the term, you will be required to pay back some of the aid that you received. For an estimate before withdrawing, please contact the Financial Aid Office, OM 110 at finaid@uwsuper.edu or 715-394-8200 .  Staying in at least one course (not withdrawing completely from the term) will eliminate the need to pull back aid.
  • The refund schedule is determined by the length of your classes. Refund information may be viewed under the relevant term at https://www.uwsuper.edu/bursar/fees/index.cfm. You are responsible for any part of your bill that is not eligible for a refund, as well as any portion of financial aid that may be owed back. Monthly finance charges will apply until your bill is paid in full. Before completing this withdrawal process please contact the Cashier’s Office, OM 136 at uwscashier@uwsuper.edu or 715-394-8505 .
  • Return any items belonging to the University (uniform, lab key, library books, etc.)