Financial Aid for J-Term Courses

Credits from J-Term will be combined with credits from the Fall term for financial aid purposes. If you are already full time for Fall semester, you may not be eligible for additional aid for your J-Term courses. Aid that has already been disbursed for Fall semester will not be adjusted up or down (except for non-attendance).

Students receiving the Non-Resident Tuition Waiver (NTW) are eligible for NTW for J-Term on-campus courses.

No special financial aid application is required for J-Term.

Financial aid for J-Term will be assessed after you register for your classes, and if eligible, disbursement will occur late in Fall semester, after your J-Term bill is calculated.

Students receiving financial aid must submit an overpayment authorization form in lieu of payment in full. Failure to make payment or submit a form will result in a late payment fee. Students may be deregistered from their classes.