Download ICal File/Import into Outlook for this Event Grades Due at Noon for Fall 2017

When: Dec 29, 2017


Final Grade Instructions:

1) Log into the E-Hive. If you don't know your User Name or password, contact the technology help desk at 715-394-8300 or toll free at 1-800-806-2890.

2) Select the Grade Roster Button (located at the bottom of the class roster) to display your rosters. If a class is missing, contact your department's academic associate to make sure that you have been assigned to the class.

3) Enter a grade for each student on the roster. Do not use the NR grade. This grade is for our office use only. If you have any students enrolled in an independent study, these grades must also be entered.

4) Incomplete grades "I" grade; click the "Note" link to document in the transcript note field and indicate reason for incomplete. In Progress (IP) grades should only be given in situations where the course cannot be completed by the end of the term, such as student teaching, internships or independent study courses that continue past the end of the term.

5) Change "Not Reviewed" to "Approved" by selecting the down arrow after entering all of your grades. Once we begin the posting process only those rosters that are changed to "Approved" will be posted and students will be able to view their grades.

6) SAVE your roster. To Print a copy of the grade roster for your records, click the printer icon on your browser or click on FILE PRINT on your browser's menu bar.

7) To grade another class, click the "Select Different Class" link. Click the HOME icon to return to your menu.

To see detailed instructions go to final grade instructions.
Event Contact: Jami Koivisto | 715-394-8234 | jkoivis3{atuws}