Undergraduate Policies

Undergraduate Policies
AP0401 Posthumous Degree
AP0901 Final Exam Cancellation
AP1001 Concurrent Degree
AP1002 Accommodation of Pregnancy
AP1003 Accommodation of Religion
AP1004 Attendance
AP1005 Course Numbering
AP1006 Enrollment in Courses 001-099
AP1007 Exams
AP1009 Student Appeal Process
AP1010 Name/Address Changes
AP1101 NC Grade Creation
AP1102 Incomplete Grade Lapse
AP1103 Change of Grades
AP1104 Pass Fail Grades
AP1105 Individually Designed Major
AP1106 Nonresident Fee Waiver Policy
AP1107 In-Progress Grades
AP1108 New Course Numbers
AP1109 Dean's List Honors
AP1111 Grades
AP1117 Approval of Undergrad Academic Matter
AP1118 Registration
AP1119 Drop Add Policy 2011 09 23
AP1120 Second Baccalaureate Degree
AP1121 Minors Awarded After Bachelors Degree
AP1122 Certificates
AP1123 Total Withdrawal
AP1124 Grades (remove WF)
AP1126 Military
AP1127 Credit Hour Definition
AP1201 Research Responsible Conduct
AP1202 Interdisciplinary Studies_major title_change_2011 11 01
AP1203 Graduation Requirements
AP1204 Transfer Policy
AP1205 Last 12 Credits Can Be Through Study Away
AP1206 Repeated Coursework
AP1207 Change in Catalog Requirements
AP1301 BA Language Waiver for Int'l Students
AP1302 Academic Standing (Add Forgiveness)
AP1303 Mid-Term Grading (Classes Exempt)
AP1304 Summer Grades Due Dates
AP1305 Prior Learning and Technical Credit
AP1306 General Education (Core Complete Prior to 60 Credits)
AP1307 Curriculum Processing Timelines
AP1405 Administrative Drop Policy
Chapter 14 Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures UWSystem
Chapter 17 Non-Academic Standards & Disciplinary Procedures UW System
GL1401 Scheduling Guidelines
SP1201 FERPA Student Data Privacy