Registration Information

Class schedules are updated nightly and include open seat information from the time that they were created.

General Registration Information

The following are key excerpts related to the registration process from the Undergraduate and Graduate class schedules and from the General Catalog. It is highly recommended that all current and prospective students review the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs. These publications describe the University's undergraduate and graduate academic programs, courses, academic policies and procedures.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for the applicable information contained in the catalogs. Registration is a student's personal responsibility. Students receive credit only for those courses in which they are properly registered. Likewise, students must pay for every course for which he/she is registered unless officially canceled; this includes courses where "W" grades are assigned.

Students who do not comply with the payment deadline, will have their courses dropped on the assumption that they do not plan to attend. This may open full classes for students who plan to attend. New students (freshmen and transfers) are required to make a $100 down payment before registering.

Registering for Classes

Undergraduate Students must see their advisor during the advisement period prior to registering. The advisor must release the Advisor Hold before a student can register. Students cannot register before their registration appointment time. See Academic Calendar for advisement dates.

Online Registration

Students can register for classes on-line through their E-Hive Account through the fifth day of each term or they register in person at the Registrar's Office.

In Person Registration

Present your "Course Request Form" at Old Main 139, where your courses will be entered.

Registration Changes - Changes to your registration may be made following your initial registration by dropping/adding courses through the 10th day of Fall or Spring terms. Days vary in Summer session classes.

Maximum Credit Load - You will not be able to register for more credits than allowed in the credit load schedule found in the class schedule (see "Academic Policies"). Overloads authorized by your advisor or by petition must be processed in person at the Registrar's Office. Please see the Credit Definition and Load from the Registrar's section of the catalog.

Officially Registered - You are a registered student if you are enrolled in one or more courses on the fifth day of the term. As a registered student, you are responsible for payment of all fees and for grades in these courses, unless you officially drop classes or withdraw from the University by the appropriate deadlines.

Closed/Open Sections - You will not be able to register for a section that is closed. You should be prepared to enter alternate courses from your "Shopping Cart" in case primary courses are closed.

Course Prerequisites - Check the prerequisites of courses to see if you meet the requirements. You will not be allowed to register for a course in which you do not have the required prerequisites, without instructor written consent on an Add/Drop Form presented to the Registrar's Office.

Time Conflicts - If you attempt to register for overlapping courses, you will receive a message about the time conflict. If the faculty agree and sign the add form, you are permitted to register for the course with the conflict. You must present the signed Add Form to the Registrar's Office for processing.