RefWorks-COS has changed to COS Pivot. Pivot combines the best of the former Community of Science (COS) Funding Opportunities with the COS Scholar Universe using intelligent mapping features to advance matching your scholarly interests with funding opportunities and collaboration with other scholars.

  • Pivot provides access to the funding opportunities around the world across all disciplines.  Pivot functions as a searchable database to give you access to funding sources in the billions of dollars, including private, public, philanthropic, corporate, and international sources.
  • Pivot identifies scholarly research expertise nationally and internationally through the Scholars Universe profiles.  By using the Scholars Universe tool you can identify funding trends for discipline specific research interests and find collaborators.

To access the PIVOT database from off campus, you will need to Register for Pivot at  From on-campus, Pivot can be accessed without registering.  UW-Superior's IP address will be automatically verified.

UW-Superior has 157 faculty profiles on COS Scholar Universe.  Any UW-Superior faculty can promote their research and scholarly research interests by updating their COS Pivot profile.  It's easy to do.  Learn more and "Get Started with Pivot."

Get Started with Pivot