Grants and Research Office

Grants and Research Office

Learn more on how to advance your potential for funded scholarship, research and creative activities: Call Kaelene, your Grant and Research Administrator, at ext. 8488 and visit the funding opportunities on this webpage.

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Primary Scope of Activities

Facilitate proposal preparation and submission to external agencies:

  • Identify external funding opportunities; and
  • Assist at the beginning, middle and final stages of the proposal development process.

Provide information and education on:

  • Grant writing;
  • How to use electronic databases for funding searches; and
  • Federal and state agencies and foundations as university sponsors for scholarly research and student success program.

Recommend and develop policies and practices for research and funded scholarship on the UW-Superior campus. Ensure policies for compliance with federal regulations and agency standards are in place.

Summary of Services

Core services of the GRO:

  • Identifies appropriate funding sources and disseminates to faculty and staff in relevant academic departments, research centers and institutes.
  • Develops and maintains a liaison relationship with federal, state, and local funding sources.
  • Provides technical assistance to Principal Investigators as they develop competitive grant proposals with supporting budgets.
  • Provides workshops, technical assistance and other training and awareness programs to build capacities that prepare faculty and staff to pursue competitive funding proposals.
  • Provides strategic review and mandatory compliance reviews prior to submission.

Additional services of the GRO available upon request:

  • Aligns grant development planning process with the strategic plans of the university, its departments and individual faculty.
  • Coordinates and ensures the quality development of institution-wide grant projects together with faculty and staff appointed by the Provost and Department Chairs.