Frequently Requested Information

When applying for grants there is a common set of information that is frequently requested by granting agencies. This information is provided here for your use.


Applicant organization is in all cases:

Applicant Legal Name:  The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System on behalf of the University of Wisconsin-Superior

NOTE: The Principal Investigator is not the official applicant and is not authorized to accept awards or enter into contracts for The Board of Regents.

Address:  Belknap & Catlin, P.O. Box 2000, Superior, WI 54880 

Grants and Research Office Address:  Grants and Research Office, Old Main 103, Superior, WI 54880

UW-Superior Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number:  076483353 (Note: to be used only with external grants)

UW-Superior Employer Identification Number (FEIN or TEIN):  39-1805963  

Political Representatives and Districts

Wisconsin State Legislature: Senator Janet Bewley, Wisconsin State Senate, website, (608) 266-3510

Representative: Nick Milroy,, Wisconsin State Assembly, website, (608) 266-0649

US Congress/US Senate: Senator Ron Johnson (website) and Senator Tammy Baldwin (website)

US House of Representatives: Sean Duffy (website)

Congressional District: Seventh State Senate District: 25 Assembly District: 73

Authorized UW-Superior Officials

Signing Officials

When submitting a grant proposal, it is on behalf of UW-Superior. The following individuals are authorized to sign. Submit your grant proposal and forms to the Office of Grants and Research and we will gather required signatures. Allow five business days for securing internal routing. Allow ten business days for the office to complete a full review of your proposal.

Business Office Contacts

Cost Centers

Human Subjects: Institutional Review Board (IRB)

For details about this issue, please visit the Institutional Review Board.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

If your research involves the use of vertebrate animals, please visit the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) for information about approval of animal research protocols.

Fringe Benefit

What are the rates?

These rates include UW-Superior's contribution to retirement, health insurance, FICA and Medicare FICA, unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, income continuation insurance, and life insurance.

Fringe benefit rates are applied when requesting external funding to pay salaries.

How do I know which rate to use?

Fringe benefit rates vary by employee type.

Classification of Salaries 2017-2018 Rate

  • Faculty and Academic Staff 43%
  • University Staff 43%
  • LTE 8%
  • Project and Teaching Assistants 8%
  • Research Associates and Interns 8%
  • Post Doc Fellows 8%
  • Ad Hoc Program Specialists and Undergraduate Assistants 10%
  • Student Employees 1.5%

Where do the rates come from?

Fringe benefit rates are set by UW System. See a benefit category cost breakdown.

Indirect Cost

What are the rates?

Indirect cost rates represent costs that cannot be directly linked to a specific grant proposal because they represent shared costs, such as utilities and office support. For example, costs will be incurred to keep the lights and heat on in buildings where grant activities take place; however, these items are shared by everyone at the institution and are not direct or exclusive to the grant work.

There are two rates; both are based on the total salaries, wages, and fringe benefits being requested in the grant or contract proposal:
     On-Campus Rate (7/1/2016 - 6/30/2020):  55.5%
     Off-Campus Rate (7/1/2016 - 6/30/2020):  18%

How do I know which rate to use?

Off-Campus = Work at facilities not owned by UW-Superior and where rent is allocated in the proposal budget.

Only one indirect cost rate may be used per proposal.
If greater than 50% of proposal work will occur off-campus, use the off-campus rate.

Where do the rates come from?

These rates are federally negotiated through the US Department of Health and Human Services. It is the policy of UW System to recover the federally negotiated indirect cost rate from all agencies that are legally bound by that agreement and from all other federal, state, and private funding sources that will reimburse the University at the negotiated rate.

Student Wages

Please contact the Financial Aid Office for information regarding student wages.

Travel Rates

Please refer to the Travel Office webpage for official travel information.

Make Checks Payable To

University of Wisconsin-Superior Business Office.

Scholarships and Gifts

Accounting Numbers

Each grant must have its own cost center. After you receive notification of a funded proposal, contact Julie O'Leary, your Pre-Award Grants Administrator for your cost center approval form. Before starting your grant activity you will need to sign the form and set up a meeting to review the roles and responsibilities of both the Business Office and the Principle Investigator. Contact Shaun Marshall post-award Grant Administration to arrange for this meeting.