Fringe Benefit Rates

What are the rates?

These rates include UW-Superior's contribution to retirement, health insurance, FICA and Medicare FICA, unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, income continuation insurance, and life insurance.

Fringe benefit rates are applied when requesting external funding to pay salaries.

How do I know which rate to use?

Fringe benefit rates vary by employee type.

Classification of Salaries 2015-16 rate

  • Faculty and Academic Staff 43%
  • Classified Staff 100%
  • LTE 8%
  • Project and Teaching Assistants 8%
  • Research Associates and Interns 8%
  • Postdoctoral Fellows 8%
  • Ad Hoc Program Specialists and Undergraduate Assistants 10%
  • Student Hourly 3%

Where do the rates come from?

Fringe benefit rates are set by UW System.  Visit their website to see a benefit category cost breakdown.