GRC Information Sheet

 Grant Resource Center (GRC)
General Information Sheet

  What is the GRC?
·The Grants Resource Center (GRC), a unit of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), has enhanced the research and sponsored programs capabilities of higher education institutions since 1967. A subscription to GRC provides you with access to a comprehensive suite of tools, services, and expertise to improve your office's efficiency and increase your institution's success in securing competitive grants from federal and private sponsors.

·A GRC subscription includes electronic publications that reduce the time you spend searching for funding opportunities and higher education grants and contracts news. Our staff reviews federal grant announcements, agency alerts, and industry publications each day and provides you with a digest on a fixed schedule.

 ·Information is categorized by discipline and published in a concise format for easy forwarding to faculty, senior administrators, and other stakeholders. Many members use GRC publications as the basis for their offices' newsletters and other communication within the campus community.

·Deadlines is distributed once a month to provide 90 days' notice of federal and private grant opportunity deadlines. Each entry includes a program description, agency contact information, a link to the solicitation, and special competition information such as limitations on the number of applications accepted per institution. Note: You may subscribe to a faculty alert system at no additional charge. This optional service delivers relevant Deadlines funding opportunity announcements directly to individual faculty members according to their selected interests.

  ·GrantWeek is a weekly electronic news magazine. Its articles analyze federal legislation, agency policies, and challenges and best practices in research administration. Content is based on federal budget briefings, technical assistance workshops, interviews with program officers and successful awardees, and the close monitoring of other higher education and national news sources.

  ·GRC Bulletin is a twice-weekly digest of the, Federal Register, and FedBizOpps notices with the potential to have an impact on higher education grant-seeking and program development. 

 Expertise Sharing

·GRC membership increases your opportunities to gain knowledge directly from program officers, successful awardees, and experienced peers. The Washington-based GRC staff is a team of experts skilled in facilitating critical connections at every step of the pre-award grant seeking process.

·On-Campus Training - GRC members may request one- or two-day campus visits, during which the GRC liaison travels to campus (at the institution's expense) for large group, small group, and individual meetings with faculty, administrators, staff, students, and community partners. The agenda is customized for the institution's needs and can include proposal and project development strategies, discussion of high-priority grant programs, discipline- and agency-based funding opportunity overviews, and individual funding searches. There is no fee or honorarium associated with GRC campus visits.  

·Washington Conferences - GRC hosts two annual meetings in Washington, where attendees hear directly from-and meet individually with-the federal agency and foundation program officers who administer grant programs and influence funding decisions.

·The Proposal Development Workshop is built around hands-on activities such as mock proposal reviews, strategies for revising declined proposals, and member-led problem solving workshops.

The External Funding Conference represents a major outreach event for government agencies, foundations, and, increasingly, executive branch officials to provide specific information on national priority programs and funding trends.

·Web Conferences - The GRC annual web conference series provides an additional forum for members to receive specific guidance on the development of competitive grant proposals. Web conferences are initiated by GRC staff, GRC member institutions, and federal and private program officers. In the case of several short-turnaround competition deadlines, GRC web conferences have represented the only public outreach opportunity for agency program officers.

Funding Opportunity Information
·GRC's proprietary search engine, GrantSearch, includes 2,000 private and federal funding opportunities screened for recurrence and for higher education eligibility. Search results provide a high proportion of viable opportunities because the database excludes solicitations that are limited to a specific region, that make fewer than three awards annually, and for which higher education institutions are not eligible to apply or partner.

  Resource Library
The members-only GRC website serves as a clearinghouse for higher education grant-seeking tools and resources. It provides access to the GrantSearch database, GRC publications and funding guides, and the GRC_News Twitter feed. The website also houses sample research administration policies, a library of funded proposals, and a weekly list of federal meetings.