GRC User Information Sheet


Grant Resource Center (GRC)
User Information

  1.Log in at 

 ·Username: uwsuper
 ·Password: grants

2. Main GRC Website.Tabs in upper right corner allow users to perform a Grant Search, visit GRC's many helpful Publications, check out other resources, look up current events and learn more about GRC.Spend some time learning and reviewing information on each of these tabs

3. Grant Search Page: Perform your funding search here.

4.Publications- each of the three GRC publications provide useful information, you can select issues to view by clicking the drop boxes on the left-hand side of the page.

5.A wide variety of resources are available to users via the Resources page.Explore to find out what information is beneficial to you!

6.Events- view upcoming GRC events and workshops.Reminder that all attendees are responsible for the cost of their registration and airfare!

7. The About Us tab provides additional information about GRC, feel free to read and learn more!