Grant Writing Process

Grant Writing Process

Proposal Development: How to get started

Grant Pacing checklist and timeline

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposed project and budget requirements with Kaelene Arvidson-Hicks in the Grants and Research Office (GRO).

Steps in  the Grant Proposal Process

  1. Contact your Department Chair or supervisor to discuss the grant opportunity with them as you develop your proposal. There may be opportunities to collaborate with others on campus to help strengthen your proposal. Your supervisor must approve your commitment of time toward this project.
  2. Review UW-Superior's grant proposal form. All external grants (including UW System grants) require an internal review of the proposal by your supervisor or department chair, the budget officer, and grants administrator prior to submission. The approval form is found here Grant Proposal Routing Form.
  3. All grants that require submission through must be submitted by UW-Superior's grants administrator. Please prepare your grant proposal in accordance with the RFP guidelines of the granting agency.
  4. Grants submitted through one of UW-Superior's Research Centers or Institutes require review and approval of the Center or Institute Director.
  5. Some UW System grants may require CETL Director's approval prior to being submitted to the grants administrator and then on to UW System.
  6. Review all aspects of the Request for Proposals (RFP) to ensure that you have followed all requirements prior to submitting the grant for internal review.

Meeting Deadlines

Internal (UW-Superior) grant proposals are due on the date specified or the next working day if the date falls on a weekend or holiday.

UW System Grants: Proposals for UW System grant programs are to be submitted at least 10 business days before the deadline to the Grants and Research Office (GRO). Submitting the proposal to the GRO 10 days prior to the granting agency deadline ensures sufficient time for review, revisions and submission by the administration and pre-award officers.

External grant proposals should be submitted to the Grants and Research Office at least 10 business days prior to the granting agency deadline to ensure sufficient time for review, revisions and submission.

Both full proposals and pre-proposals are requested to go through the above-noted internal routing and approval process.

Writing Style

 It is vital that your proposal be written using terms that can easily be understood by an educated layperson who will be reviewing your proposal. Please ensure that a review committee that is outside of your discipline would be able to understand both the abstract and the narrative. The abstract should describe the key points of the entire proposal, as opposed to being a repetition of the project's objectives.

See additional proposal writing tips.

How to develop a budget

All expenditures must be made in accordance with University policies and should be based on principles of economy. Equipment and instructional materials purchased with grant funds remain the property of the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Student wage rates

Consult with UW-Superior's Financial Aid Office for student wage information.

Property Rights

UW System policies relating to royalties, patents, or income apply to these grant programs and can be found in the Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook.

Questions regarding copyrights for the publication of books, laboratory manuals, etc. resulting from projects funded with UW-Superior funds should be addressed before the proposal is submitted for review.

The WiSys Technology Foundation, Inc. was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) to promote, encourage, and aid scientific investigation and research throughout the Supporting basic research throughout the University of Wisconsin System Licensing technologies to industry for the benefit of the University System, the inventor, the licensee, and society as a whole.

For additional information about Wisys, please review the WiSys website at or contact Arjun Sanga, Executive Director for WiSys, by phone at 608-316-4015 or by email at  On the UW-Superior campus, contact Kaelene Arvidson-Hicks at 715-394-8488 or email .

Human Subjects

Funded projects involving human subjects in research must be approved by the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB) before they are implemented. UW-Superior policies and procedures for the protection of human subjects have been established in accordance with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regulations (45 CFR Part 46, "Protection of Human Subjects," as amended) as well as state and university regulations to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects utilized in research projects. Any research project, either funded or unfunded, originated at or supported by the university, that involves human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects.

The Guide to the Preparation of proposals for Submission to the Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects, including the required protocol forms, is available online.

Animal Care and Use

Funded projects involving animals used in research require the establishment of the Animal Care and Use Committee. This committee is not currently active. If you intend to establish a research agenda that will involve animals, you must contact your department chair and the Grants and Research Administrator immediately, 394-8488.

Who must review my proposal?

Grant programs have different review processes and criteria. The majority of these proposals submitted for review have a significant amount of paperwork that requires time to process. You must allow a minimum of 10 working days for all external proposals; however, you should be working with your supervisor and have alerted the grants administrator well before this time.


Publications or presentations resulting from work funded by UW-Superior grant programs should acknowledge that funds came from the program under which funds were awarded.

If a granting agency has additional guidelines, please be certain to comply.

When do I submit final reports?

A final report, if required, must include a copy to be submitted to the Grants and Research Office within 60 days of project completion. No awards will be made to investigators who have not complied with all requirements of previous UW-Superior internal or extramural grant awards or who have outstanding reports due to the Grants and Research Office or extramural funding agencies.