Marketing Research Symposium

November 17, 2009: Research presented at this symposium is research conducted by UWS students about the UWS student experience. Advisor, Dr. Ethan Christiansen, Marketing Research instructor (The Department of Business and Economics).

Rediscovering the Superior Public Library Experience: Toward Building a Model of Service Quality to Better Deliver on the Wants and Needs of Library Patrons
Ryan Clark, Mi-Yeon Jung and Kathryn Miller
Advisor, Dr. Ethan Christiansen

Building a Value Hierarchy of University Snack Bar Attributes: The Case of Aviands Food Service at UWS
James W. Crosby, Ashley Balaich and Isaac Zurawski
Advisor, Dr. Ethan Christiansen

Alumni Reflections of the UWS Experience: Using Qualitative Research to Obtain Insights from Graduated Students 20 Years or More after Graduation
James Belanger, Dwight Hill and Mike Rosett
Advisor, Dr. Ethan Christiansen

To Be, or Not to Be: An Exploratory Study of the Perceived Value to Students of Positioning UWS as a Liberal Arts College
Aftin Lozon, Mike White, Mollyann Presley and Kirk Weber
Advisor, Dr. Ethan Christiansen