Office of Reservations FAQs

  • Services such as SSC custodial and Chartwell’s still need to be contacted for catering and custodial needs. If your event requires University Police Department to unlock a building or for security needs, please complete the Building Unlock Request Form.

  • All tabling requests (besides Yellowjacket Union and Marcovich Wellness Center) will go through the Office of Reservations. The tabling request form will then be forwarded to SSC or Facilities Management to ensure resources are provided.

    For Yellowjacket Union tabling requests, please contact the Yellowjacket Union.

    For Marcovich Wellness Center tabling requests, please contact Campus Recreation.

  • All campus spaces that are reservable, with the exception of athletic spaces in the Marcovich Wellness Center and Siinto S. Wessman Arena and all spaces in the Yellowjacket Union, are to be scheduled in 25Live. The Yellowjacket Union will be implementing scheduling in 25Live by Summer 2018.

  • For University Police Department building unlock requests, requestor is still responsible to notify the University Police Department of events after hours or on weekends.  After a group is done with an event, they need to contact the University Police Department after an event to ensure building and appropriate rooms are locked.

  • Please allow 48 hours for reservations to be approved. If you need to schedule something in less than 48 hours please contact Office of Reservations.

  • Facilities Management uses 25Live to block off any spaces on campus that are having service done to them. These times are documented within 25Live.

  • Yes, academic scheduling will be first priority. After academic departments have scheduled courses we will open scheduling to the rest of campus. May 1st is the deadline for academic departments to make reservations for the Fall Semester.

  • Academic departments will continue to schedule classrooms on E-Hive when they build class schedules. When academic departments are in lockout mode, classroom changes or additional scheduling of courses go through the Registrar's Office. If you wish to suggest a specific classroom change, please use 25Live to search for available classrooms instead of E-Hive. 25Live is the most accurate way to search room availability.

  • 25Live is also accessible via the Campus Logins Page, the Office of Reservations page, and in the UW-Superior Mobile App.

  • All conference rooms, with the exception of the Yellowjacket Union conference rooms, do not require approval from the Conference and Events Manager. Express Scheduling is available on the 25Live Mobile version.

    View Conference Room Guidelines and Scheduling Procedures.

  • Public Outlook Conference Room calendars will no longer be used to reserve conference rooms, effective 2/1/18. Please make sure if you have meetings scheduled in these conference rooms that you are entering them in 25Live.

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