Apply for Housing

Apply for Housing

I want to live on campus. What do I do?

  1. Check out the different living communities available to you.

    We have five living communities available exclusively for new students:
    1. Mindfulness and Well-Being Community (1st and 2nd Ostrander): Students in this community will learn, develop and practice well-being skills such as mindfulness, compassion, gratitude, empathy, forgiveness, altruism and the use of their charter strengths.
    2. Adventure Living Community (1st Curran-McNeill): Experience adventures such as rock climbing, hiking trips, and outdoor survival skills.
    3. Academic-Focused Living Community (2nd Curran-McNeill): Opportunities for direct tutoring and additional academic support and involvement with faculty or University Fellow.
    4. Recreation and Wellness Living Community (3rd Curran-McNeill): Participate in activities such as broom-ball, kickball, volleyball, dodge-ball, and floor hockey.
    5. Creative Arts Living Community (4th Curran-McNeill): Experiences may include painting at a local studio, attending a symphony performance, or group trips to a theater.

We have one new living community available exclusively for returning students: Recreation and Wellness Living Community (1st Ross): Participate in activities such as broom-ball, kickball, volleyball, dodge-ball, and floor hockey. 

  1. Click on the Live@UWS logo below, using your UW-Superior username and password to log-in (new LSC/WITC students, please fill out this form to get your username and password).

    1. Fill in your personal information and resident profile. You will select your meal plan, answer some questions about your living preferences, and conclude with agreeing to the terms of the Housing Handbook as your binding contract with Residence Life.
    2. Search for a potential roommate in the "roommate matching" portion of your Live@UWS homepage.
    3. Confirm your roommate by entering their roommate code (located in upper right-hand portion of screen) to create a roommate group.
    4. Returning students will be able to select a room after February 1st. You cannot select a room without having the appropriate number of roommate(s) selected first (i.e. a double room has two people, a single has one person, etc). Students who do not select a room before June 15 will be subject to room placement by the Residence Life Office based on availability.

Freshmen students can select a roommate but will be placed in rooms by the Residence Life Office starting in May, based on living community selection, hall preference, and roommate selection. To live in a living community, both roommates must take part in the program. Room placements will begin mid-late June. If students wish to form a roommate group, it should be done so before this time. 

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