Hall Services and Hours

Residence Hall Front Desk and RA on Duty

A student staff member will be at your residence hall's front desk for assistance during desk hours.

At your front desk, you can:

  • Purchase food items with your Study Bucks.
  • Check out vacuums, kitchen supplies and recreation items.
  • Get answers to questions about your residence hall.


If assistance is needed outside of the times listed, please contact Campus Safety at (715) 394-8114 .

Laundry Areas

Crownhart Hall, Curran-McNeill Hall and Ostrander Hall

Laundry facilities are located in each residence hall. Crownhart's and CMO's washers and dryers are located in the basements.

Ross-Hawkes Hall

Ross and Hawkes Hall have laundry facilities located on each floor and the cost for laundry is included in the room rate, so no money is needed for laundry. Laundry facilities in Ross and Hawkes are only for Ross-Hawkes residents.

Specialty Common Areas

A variety of shared spaces include: kitchens, study lounges, vending machine areas, TV lounges, exercise areas, and more.


The custodial staff does a great deal to make your hall a more comfortable and pleasant place in which to live. Your cooperation in caring for the facilities will make their job much easier and will create a pleasant atmosphere.
You are responsible for cleaning your room. Vacuum cleaners, light bulbs, and wastebasket liners are available at your front desk.


Residence Life hires maintenance workers to make sure things are working properly in the halls. You may request a work order by filling in the online work order form. A request for maintenance indicates your permission for a maintenance worker to enter your room.

Campus Safety

Campus Safety strives to keep you and your belongings safe.