Gender Inclusive Policy

At UW-Superior, we strive to create and promote inclusive communities where people of all identities are respected. Residence Life is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all students. We offer Gender Inclusive Housing options to ensure that University Housing is a supportive space for residents of all gender identities and gender expressions. Gender Inclusive Housing consists of rooms where students can live with any student – regardless of sex, gender, gender identity or expression.

Residence Life has designated rooms on specific floors to be available for Gender Inclusive Housing. The buildings that have gender inclusive housing have unisex/gender neutral restrooms. Students that desire to be considered for Gender Inclusive Housing will be asked to fill out that portion of the roommate selection materials when signing up for a residence hall room. All students, regardless of where they are residing, have the right to disclose their sexual orientation and gender identity and expression as they desire and decide when, with whom, and how much of their private information to share with others.

Important Notes on Gender Inclusive Housing:

  • Students must select Gender Inclusive Housing on their housing contract in order to be placed there.
  • Students in Gender Inclusive Housing are expected to select their desired roommate.
  • Roommate conflicts and room changes will be handled by the hall the hall staff and those process are outlined in the Residence Life Student Handbook.
  • If a student is approved for a Gender Inclusive Housing space, and one student leaves the assignment, University Housing reserves the right to convert the space back to same gender housing.
  • Residence Life will continue to offer same gender and single room housing options throughout the halls.
  • Residence Life discourages students in relationships from living together.