On-Campus Requirement

University of Wisconsin System On-Campus Living Requirement

In accordance with Board of Regents Resolution No. 173 passed May 5, 1972, unless living with parents or legal guardian, all non-veterans, unmarried freshman and sophomore students, under the age of 20, are required to live in the residence halls and participate in a university meal plan.

Room and board charges will be added to a student's university bill if they are found to be required but have not contracted to live and eat on campus.

If a student does not qualify for an exemption to the policy at the beginning of the academic year, the student must fulfill the housing and meal contract even though he or she may meet the criteria during the year. Freshman should not sign a lease with a private landlord for their sophomore year. This creates a double obligation that may result in the loss of the security deposit paid for off-campus accommodations.

The goal of the Residence Life Department is to help students make the most of their collegiate living experience. It is not our goal to make a profit; charges cover our operating costs. Our policies and procedures mirror those of the state and University at large. Residence Life is entirely self-supporting in providing quality service for students.


Any student commuting from the home of his/her parent(s) or legal guardian must have a notarized Commuter Form on file with the Residence Life Office. Only those students whose parent(s)/legal guardian live within 35 miles of the University can commute.


Exemptions from Residence in University Housing/Semester Contract Eligibility:

  1. Junior/Senior Status - Completed 56 credits or more by the first day of classes fall semester
  2. Veterans of Military Service - Proof of minimum of two years active duty required
  3. Married and/or with Legally Dependent Children - Copies of marriage certificate and/or children's birth certificates required
  4. Resided within a University-owned residence hall for at least four semesters - If the equivalent were in residence at another higher education institution, written verification must be presented to the Residence Life Office
  5. Completion of at least two complete years of full-time course study at another institution of higher education or UW-Superior - Written verification must be provided from another institution
  6. Twenty years of age or more before the first day of classes - Students who are not 20 years old before classes begin but turn 20 within the academic year are still required to live in University residence halls the entire academic year
  7. Limited Credit Student - Students carrying six or fewer credits per semester for the entire academic year may be granted exemption; if more than six credits per semester are attempted during subsequent semesters or during a subsequent semester during the academic year in which the student received the exemption, the student will be required to live in a residence hall
  8. Financial Reasons/Exigency - Exemption must be verified by the University Financial Aid Office.
    1. The student and/or parent(s) must grant complete access to financial aid files contained in the Financial Aid Office.
    2. The student must demonstrate conclusively that the cost of residence hall living will indeed pose significant personal financial hardship.
    3. Decisions shall be made as deemed appropriate and in accordance with the best judgment of Residence Life and the Housing Appeals Committee.
  9. Medical Circumstances - Written verification must be provided in accordance with the following minimum standards when medical circumstances conclusively require that the student not reside in a residence hall: 
    1. Student must have his/her personal physician forward a written statement of this fact with full details included for Residence Life.
    2. Residence Life renders a decision. Exemptions of this nature will be granted only as deemed appropriate and in accordance with the best judgment of Residence Life, the Housing Appeals Committee and Student Health Services.