Are the halls open during breaks?

Yes! Halls are open over Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks and residents are welcome to stay as much time as they prefer. Resident Assistants are on duty 24hrs/day as is Campus Safety.

What are the bed sizes in the residence halls?

All beds are standard twin size beds. Bed frames are either lofts (provided in Crownhart Hall, Ross and Hawkes Halls, and Curran-McNeill 4th Floor, available for rent all other floors) or regular, bunkable wood frames. For more information on bed lofts look at the Bedloft.com web page. Partial proceeds from bed loft rentals go to the Residence Hall Association.

What things can/can’t you have in the Res Halls?

A complete list can be found under the Rooms tab on the Residence Life homepage.

What happens if I lose my key/fob/mailbox key?

If you lose your key or fob, contact an RA in the building you live. You can do this by contacting them directly or by calling the duty phone during duty hours (7pm to 8am). They will issue you a temporary key and fob. You can also get a replacement key or fob for a small fee. For a replacement mailbox key, see the Union Desk in the Yellow Jacket Union (this too requires a small replacement fee). If you permanently lose your key or fob, there are recoring fees.

Crownhart Duty phone: 218-522-0620
Curran-McNeill Ostrander Duty phone: 218-522-0622
Ross/Hawkes Duty phone: 218-522-0624

What is an RA?

RA stands for Resident Assistant. This person is a student/staff member that works to develop resident interpersonal skills and community while performing administrative duties. They facilitate hall front desk operations, develop personal relationships with students, create programs for floors, enforce policies, and much more.If a resident has a problem, question, or concern this is the first person they should go to.

What are on campus living requirements?

Freshmen and sophomore students (students who have 56 credits or less) who are not veterans, married or living with parents or guardian AND who have not reached the age of 20 by the first day of classes of fall semester are required to live on campus. Students who live with a guardian less than 35 miles away from campus may be considered a Commuter and live off campus. This is a UW System policy.

What are the meal plans?

The Superior Plan

  • Unlimited access to the Union Cafe, plus $50 in Jacket Cash per semester

The Black & Gold Plan

  • 135 meals in the Union Cafe, plus $125 in Jacket Cash per semester

For more information see the Dining Services web page.

How does mail work?

Mail is delivered in the late morning daily (except for Sunday). Residents can get their mail with a key in the YU during their hours of business. Each person who lives in the residence halls receives their own personal mailbox. Ross/Hawkes residents get their mail at Ross/Hawkes.

Can I have a guest?

Yes, as long as both roommates (if applicable) agree to the guest's visit. We ask that guests stay no longer than 3 days. Guests must be escorted at all times through the residence halls.

Do I need a parking permit?

Parking passes are available through parking services for students and visitors. Daily parking permits are also available. For more information see the Parking Services web page.

How does laundry work?

Both washers and dryers are available in the basement of every residence hall. It costs $1.25 to both wash and dry. Change machines are also available in the laundry rooms.

What happens if I want to change roommates?

Changing roommates is is allowed. We strongly encourage you to meet with your roommate, talk with your RA, and perhaps have a mediated conversation with your roommate before you request to change. Too change roommates, fill out the Room Change Request Form.

What if I have a noisy neighbor?

Courtesy hours are always in effect and quiet hours last from 10pm to 10am on weeknights and 12am to 12pm on weekends. During these times a resident can call a "Duty Cell Phone" which an RA on duty has. The RA can address any problem a resident may have, including a noisy neighbor.

Can I have a pet?

Small fish in tanks 20 gallons or less are the only animals allowed in the residence halls.

What is my username/password for Live@UWS?

For UWS students, your username and password is the same as your other UWS accounts, such as email, E-hive and D2L. If you are a non-UWS student, you need to be assigned a username and password.You can register for this by going to the Residence Life webpage and clicking onthe Live@UWS link. On the right side of the screen, you will see an Announcements section where there is a link to request for username and password.After filling that out, it will take about 7-10 business days for the request to be processed and then a letter will be sent to you with your login credentials.

Do the residence halls have wireless Internet connection?

Yes! We are proud of our wireless system accessible in all residence halls.

How do I select a roommate in Live@UWS?

When you log into Live@UWS go under the Roommates tab. Then you will see a drop down box where you will select the term in which you are looking for a roommate. After choosing the term, the site will load a new page where it lists different profiles that are still looking for roommates. You can either look through that list, or change the search filters to narrow your search down by clicking on the "Change Search Filters" button. Once you find a profile you would like to room with, you must acquire their code. Then go under the "Find Someone You Know" tab and enter their code to send an invite to them to become a roommate pair. Both roommates must enter each others codes. Once they accept you will be able to select your building and room.

How do I create a group for a suite in Live@UWS?

If you know the three other students you want to live in a suite with, you will need to acquire their passcodes. Once you have everyone's passcodes, you will then need to go under the Roommates tab and enter each code one at a time and send an invite to each person to be apart of your group. When everyone has accepted, you will then be in a group of four and be able to select one of the four person suites in Hawkes Hall under the Room Selection tab. If you don't know who you want to be in a suite with, you can then search for suitemates just as you would a roommate.

How do I see hall layouts?

Visit the Residence Life webpage, under the main welcome page towards the bottom you will see links for each individual hall's layout.

Can I choose my roommate/room right away after submitting my application in Live@UWS?

No, you have to wait for Residence Life to approve your application before you can proceed.This process should occur within 24 business hours of you submitting your contract. Note: if you submit your contract on a Saturday or Sunday your contract will be approved on Monday.

Do I have to fill out my entire contract in Live@UWS?

Yes. In order to live with us we need a completed contract submitted. However, you are able to save your work and come back to finish the contract later.

How do I update my information in Live@UWS?

Email Residence Life at Reslife@uwsuper.edu with the changes you would like to be made and they will be able to change the information in your contract on Live@UWS.

I want to change my floor/room/roommate before I move in-how do I do that within Live@UWS?

Email Residence Life at Reslife@uwsuper.edu with your request or you can stop by or call the Yellowjacket Union Front Desk.They are open during the summer Monday-Friday 7:45am-4:30pm and during the school year Monday-Friday 7:45am-11pm and Saturday-Sunday 11am-11pm. They will remove you from your floor/room and roommate group.You will then be able to go back in and select a new roommate or room.

I can’t find my roommate in Live@UWS. Who is my roommate?

If you already have selected a roommate, it should appear under the My Account tab. If they are not listed make sure you have created the group.If there you are still having difficulties, contact Residence Life at Reslife@uwsuper.edu or call 715-394-8438 and they will be able to assist you.

Can I cancel my housing contract? How?

Yes. If you are not required to live on campus, in order to cancel your contract you need to emailResidence Life at Reslife@uwsuper.edu stating that you would like to cancel your contract.They will then cancel your contract for you on the Live@UWS site. Please note there are cancellation charges, as denoted on the Residence Life homepage.

I don’t remember my password for Live@UWS, where do I find it?

UWS students will need to go onto your E-hive account and reset your password on there as your password is the same for both. If you are a non-UWS resident, you will need to email Residence Life at reslife@uwsuper.edu and request them to send it to you again.

Can I stay in the same room?

Yes. If when you sign your contract and submit it and it is approved, then you can go select your room. When you go to select your room, if the current room you are in is still available, you may then select to live in the same room.

Why do I have to move during the summer and then in the fall?

The reason we have all of the housing in one hall during the summer is to make it easier to do deep cleaning in the other halls, while also allowing for everyone to be in one community. Being in one community allows for summer residents to have more interaction with each other and build stronger relationships.

Is there someone to help me move my stuff this summer?

Unfortunately there is no help provided by Residence Life to help you move in the summer. However, on Opening Day in August, there is a Move In Crew provided by the First Year Experience department available from 10am-2pm.

Why are you making one hall only first year students?

We have decided to make this change to help create a living environment for first year in which they are surrounded by people experiencing the same changes, transitions and successes. It is the hope that this living environment will be beneficial to everyone in a way that allows for residents to create a living community where peers have a better understanding of each other and grow together.

Can I automatically be in the same room/have the same roommate within Live@UWS?

No. In order to ensure you have the same room and roommate you will need to go through the process of signing a contract, grouping with your roommate and selecting that room.Otherwise Residence Life will place you and pair you up without the guarantee of where you will be or who you will be with.

Do I have to finish my contract in Live@UWS before I find a roommate?

Yes. No further steps can be taken in housing with us until your contract is completed, submitted and approved.

Why have you changed the way to choose a roommate/housing?

We have changed the software used for housing in order to give more control to the residents in selecting where and with who they live.This new system allows for Residence Life to be intertwined with the campus database systems, which allows for more consistency throughout campus.

I want a double room, but no one is matching up with me?

That is ok. Returningstudents have until May 15th and new students have until July 15th to search for and select a roommate and a room. After this date Residence Life will then pair people up and place them in rooms accordingly. So after that date you will be matched with someone else and given your room.

Why can't I select a room in Live@UWS?

If you cannot select a room, it normally means that either your contract has not been submitted yet or it hasn't been the full 24 hours since submitting to have your contract approved.You also will only be able to see open single rooms until you pair up with either one or three people to see open double rooms or suites.

How can I change my room selection without cancelling my contract in Live@UWS?

Email Residence Life at Reslife@uwsuper.edu with your request and they will be able to process the request.