Highlights of On-Campus Living

Each year, Residence Life engages in Benchmarks in which our current students rate their experiences in the residence halls on a variety of measures. We are then benchmarked against several similar institutions across the U.S.

In recent years, we have made major gains and successes in the residence halls. In 2012-13:

  • Our greatest strength in 2013-2013 was in Safety and Security with 77.5% satisfied or very satisfied with safety and security in the halls.

  • Residents were most satisfied with their RA & ARCs respect for ethnic diversity and ability to treat everyone fairly with performance at 82.5% with a steady increase from 74% over the last four years.

  • Satisfaction with hall programming for held steady with 69% of residents being satisfied.  We showed an increase of students who "sometimes or often" participatein programs/activities sponsored by your hall from to nearly 78%.

  • Nearly 72% of residents felt satisfied or very satisfied with staff members helping them to solve their own problems.