Mission Statement

University of Wisconsin-Superior Residence Life offers many programs, services, and opportunities to create a "home away from home" for residents. We are committed to helping students succeed academically as well as build positive, interpersonal relationships with other residents in an inclusive community.

At Superior, we encourage our residents not only to participate in hall programs, but also take part in planning them. We believe having residents active and engaged in the residence  halls creates a liberal arts environment in which everyone benefits. Respecting other residents, considering their study and sleeping needs, and keeping our halls clean and safe are priorities. Residents in our halls will gain life skills, learn about other cultures, and excel in their academics. Our goal is to provide residents with the tools and resources they need in order to develop and grow during their resident hall experience.

Residence Life Mission Statement

Residence Life commits to supporting the liberal arts environment by providing students with an engaging on-campus living experience in a safe, inclusive community while promoting personal and academic growth through caring stewardship.

Learning Outcomes

During your on-campus living experience, you will:

  • Gain practical life skills
  • Demonstrate academic success
  • Become interculturally aware
  • Exhibit socially responsible behavior
  • Integrate life and academic experiences

Mission and learning outcomes created and adopted Fall 2010 as a result of Council on the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education process, completed in all units of Campus Life.