January 2010-Resident of the Month

January 2010 - Residents of the Month


Mai Choua Chang

The first resident of the month is Mai Choua Chang, better known as "Eggie."  She is the 3rd of 10 children and was born in Thailand but moved to the states when she was five and graduated school from Sheboygan, WI.

This is her second semester here, but by the time she finishes this semester she will be a junior.  This is amazing because she hopes apply and get accepted to graduate school next year at Michigan School of Optometry in their early admission's program so she can one day become an optometrist.  Her main hobby consists of doing calculus.  When she can't sleep she gets up and does calculus because it "makes her happy." 

Eggie can speak some Chinese, Spanish, Thai, and Korean. She can write, read and is fluent in English and Hmong. She won the Medical Spelling Bee (at the state H.O.S.A. competition) every year she competed and this will be the first year she does not compete. She has always wanted to learn to breakdance and to be able to do it well, but as of this moment, she can only do a few tricks.

An interesting thing about Eggie is that she sometimes sleeps with her eyes open.  So, I guess if someone ever tells her to sleep with her eyes open, she won't have to worry about it!


Steve Gebhard

Steve Gebhard is Ross's second resident of the month.  He was born in the cities, but then later moved to St. Croix Falls, WI where he graduated from high school.  He currently works at Trollhaugen in Dresser, WI. 

Steve is majoring in Biology in hopes to one day become a high school biology teacher. 

For fun, Steve likes to hunt, fish, skateboard, snowboard, play bass, and get into all other sorts of shenanigans. 

An interesting fact about Steve is that he thoroughly enjoys discussions on philosophy and science. He has also consumed 2 Rasputin burritos from Burrito Union and has the stickers to prove it.
Steve really is an asset to the floor community.  His door is always open and is more than willing to start a conversation with anyone.  He also takes part in intramurals in almost every block.  While keeping up with his social life, he does not leave academics behind.


Brad Peop and Cory Mareno

Brad Peot and Cory Mareno are like two peas in a pod over in Crownhart.  They are always a lively pair whether they are playing chatting with residents, playing pool, or attending the latest program.  They even braved the snow and cold to build a giant snowman in Crownhart's backyard!  Brad and Cory are awesome, fun-loving guys who can always bring a smile to your face and that is why we have named them our residents of the month!

Lynn Wistrom

Lynn Wistrom is a freshman from Two Harbors, Minnesota. She currently lives on 2nd CM. Lynn is an Elementary Education Major. She likes being around her friends and is a great listener. Lynn can sometimes be found at the rock wall at the HWC, or often doing homework in the 2nd CM lounge. Next time you see her give her a high five for being resident of the month!!!!!